Extra virgin olive oil

Olympia - Xenia, in the field of olive oil, is exclusively active in the category of extra virgin olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil

It is the highest quality olive oil produced directly from olives and exclusively by mechanical methods, without any chemical treatment. Its acidity (in free fatty acids) does not exceed 0.8%.

At the same time, it formulates, packs and markets products of extra virgin olive oil PDO (Protected Name Origin).

Designation of Origin (PDO) Products

They are identity products! With particular organoleptic characteristics due to the geographical environment from which they come from and bear the name of this area. A product is recognized as a PDO by the European Commission through specific and rigorous procedures.

PDO mainly packs and markets Kalamata PDO.

Extra virgin olive oil POP Kalamata

It has a worldwide reputation, thanks to the unique features of the Messinian land from which it originated. The fertile land combined with the fine variety ensure excellent quality in the olive fruit and unique features in the olive oil produced.

Specifically, the superiority of the extra virgin olive oil of PDO Kalamata is due:

  • Its low acidity does not exceed 0.5%
  • In exceptional olive oil processing conditions
  • In the optimum climate of the region produced
  • In meticulous crop care and harvesting processes
  • In its fruity, fresh fruit flavor
  • Ideally, for growing olive trees, soil
  • In bright green as its greenish yellow color

Extra virgin olive oil PGI OLYMPIA

It has been certified as a protected geographical indication product, taking into account the following:

  • The geographical name
  • The variety of olive trees
  • cultivation techniques
  • How to collect olives
  • Soil and climate conditions
  • Quality properties of olives and wider area
The extra virgin olive oil "OLYMPIA" certified as a PGI product, guarantees its origin from Olympia's special olive oil producing area, with high quality properties and features , which are differentiated from olive oils of other geographical areas.

Produced from two varieties of olives and to a certain extent (90% coronary and 10% colouric), it is bright, with a distinct yellow-green color, a generally dense texture, with a fruity taste and a pungent odor, with a maximum acidity of 0.6%